Name Nikki BATH
Date of Birth 26/11/1955
Address 1 Beechfield Grove, Coombe Dingle, Bristol, BS9 2LR
Contact Tel:  

'Pew Group'
Made in Staffordshire, c.1740, salt-glazed stoneware


Peer Group
Porcelain, 2001

Pew Group II


Nicky chose the pew-group 'because I like the grouping and delicateness and the colours.' It prompted her to think about the differences between the contemporary world and the 18th century in terms of clothing, posture and attitude. Through observation in her drawings and photos she ' noticed so many things, like we're wearing the same clothes now more or less and it's only the way that we sit that can tell the difference between male and female almost.' She moved on to look at the sofa as a modern equivalent to the pew, and develop work which explores 'the way we slouch across sofas and have become more couch potatoes.'