Name Kevin de CHOISY
Date of Birth  
Address c/o: Faculty of Art, Media & Design, U.W.E., Bristol
Contact Tel: c/o: 0117 9660222 (ext 4746)
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Kevin was inspired by a mid-18th century teapot with a raised motif of a lion on one side. The crowned portrait and Prussian eagle represent Frederick the Great and his alliance with England. The inscription about a special relationship seemed poignant to Kevin, since ' we are all doing this in memory of Mike.' On Kevin's pot there are transfer decals based on Dave Brown's cartoons, one side shows Bill Clinton and the other has Tony Blair, to make a sceptical comment on the 'special relationship' between the US and UK.

Mid-18th century earthenware teapot

The finished teapot
Kevin totally changed direction in his work about six years ago as a direct result of his participation in past V&A exhibitions. 'I got really excited with the Whieldon glazes because they are outrageous,' and he loves the way the colour bleeds and follows the form. These effects are achieved through painstaking grinding and seiving of the oxides with the lead base. He points out how these glazes were easier to achieve in the 18th century, when labour was cheap and prices were very high for ceramics of such quality.

The teapot at the leather-hard stage

Detail of the teapot lid

Detail of the teapot spout