Name Fiona BATES
Date of Birth 23/07/1966
Address 30 Arnos Street, Totterdown, Bristol, BS4 3BS
Contact Tel: 0117 9713173

Teapot, Staffordshire, c.1750-65
Lead-glazed 'agate' earthenware

Acorn Squash, earthenware


Detail of left

"I first visited these galleries about 5 years ago at the time I didn't particularly like Whieldon and Agate ware, probably because it was all domestic ware. Whilst drawing and researching these pieces however, I grew to love them for their richness of surface and the eccentricity of design. It was a time of creative explosion when boundaries were broken.

Whilst the original pieces were made for domestic purposes, I want to make a piece that is large scale and exploits the almost painterly qualities of the Whieldon glazes and combines several making processes. As the original pieces drew upon exotic fruits and vegetables that had been newly introduced to Britain, I want to use scallop shells to decorate the piece as they suggest something that is rare and exotic to me."