Images and the Media Library

Guidance on uploading and using images

Multi Size Hover Card Section Component

Uploading images

How to upload images to the Media Library.

Single Media Content Component

Adding images to components

How to add images to components.

Using the Asset Bank

How to find and download image from UWE Bristol's library of images. Includes information on creating and managing collections of images stored as lightboxes.


Asset Bank guidance
Asset Bank keywords screenshot.

Dos And Don'ts

Here are some simple rules to remember when uploading and using images.


Use an appropriate component to display your image (rather than the rich text editor in a copy section).


Do make sure that an image has the correct permissions before adding it to the website and ask the Web Editors if you are unsure.


Do save the image to your computer in the correct dimensions and file format, with the correct file name before uploading.


Don't use the same image for a page thumbnail that has already been used for another page in your section.


Don't forget to add in alt text for an image and remember to save it.


Don't submit a component for publishing without first publishing the image you have used for it.