'Celebrating Ceramics, an exhibition in 3 Parts from York's Collection' is an ambitious project guest curated by Lars Tharp. NEVAC were commissioned to make a video for each of the three venues. The NEVAC DVDs are now playing in the galleries in York, Scarborough and Wakefield. Photos from each venue are reproduced below. Details of the filming and the interviewees for the project can be seen by clicking here.

York Museum Trust's website is at http://www.yorkartgallery.org.uk


York Art Gallery
Fired Up, York Art Gallery
17th September 2005 - 15th January 2006

'Ceramics from prehistory to the present, from Roman and Iron Age times to 20th century studio pottery, are shown in themed displays'. York Art Gallery's exhibition celebrates the 13,000 piece ceramics collection of York Museums Trust.

Scarborough Art Gallery
FirePlace, Scarborough Art Gallery
24th September 2005 - 8th January 2006

'The works of twentieth century studio potters Leach, Hamada and Murray are celebrated...These pots are work for the home, displayed on surreal mantelpieces, alongside 20th century paintings and prints form the Gallery's collection'.

Wakefield Art Gallery
WA Ismay - A Passion for Pots, Wakefield Art Gallery
30th September 2005 - 4th January 2006

'The extraordinary ceramic collection of Wakefield librarian WA Ismay is the focus of [this] exhibition. Ismay spent 40 years acquiring works by rising studio potters ..and stored his 3,500 piece collection in his terraced house in Wakefield'.


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