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This page contains links to associated web-pages dealing with some of the issues raised by the usability study.

Other work done in the area of educational web design, such as the Bristol ARKive project, are now being looked at as a result of this study. ARKive's electronic archive of photographs, moving images and sounds of endangered species and habitats is an excellent example of presenting complex material in an accessible style, (www.arkive.co.uk). The Getty Institute's new web-site was highlighted by particiants in the study as clearly laid out but comrephenive, with useful and carefully designed search facilities, www.getty.edu.

Further examples of good web-design practice can be found at www.webmonkey.com, as well as explanations of how to deliver video and audio via the Internet. Extensive literature on Human Computer Interaction, (HCI), can be found on the Internet, particularly bibliographical references such as www.hcibib.org. This site gives a thorough introduction to HCI and the ways in which interfaces can be suited to a projected user group.