NIPON UK exhibition poster
NIPON UK exhibition poster


Victoria & Albert Museum, 7 June - 15 August 1999

'NIPON UK', was the response to a daylong session when ceramics students and staff from the University of the West of England in Bristol, handled and discussed a range of Japanese ceramics from the V&A's collection.

The aim of the exhibition was to show how ordinary second year ceramics students set about interrogating pots at the V&A, and put that to work to express their own contemporary concerns. Their work was displayed alongside several of the V&A pots they handled.

Thanks once again to everyone at the V&A, and in particular to Rupert Faulkner, senior curator in the Far Eastern department.

Porcelain figure by Ed Silverton

Porcelain figure by Ed Silverton, 'My soul - child dreams'
(Approx. 12cm ht.)