Arts, Creative Industries and Education Resource Centre

The Arts, Creative Industries and Education (ACE) Resource Centre in S Block is a study space with specialist resources and technical staff.

Open to all ACE students

The ACE Resource Centre, formerly the Education Resource Centre, has specialist resources and dedicated technical staff to offer help and assistance.

It is open to all ACE faculty students. We also house the S Block Loans Desk within the Centre.

If you are an ACE-based student and have had the necessary training of a selective pieces of equipment and completed a risk assessment you may be allowed to loan kit of the extensive collection of audio-visual equipment. Please contact a member of the team about access to this service.

Facilities and resources

You're welcome to use our computing, printing, photocopying, and scanning facilities:

  • We have desk space of 40 for individuals who want to use the space to work on their own laptops, or do written-based study.
  • We also have space for 21 network PCs for you to work on.
  • The Centre has two network photocopiers/printers to meet all your reprographic needs.

We also offer a binding and laminate service, should you want your essay dissertation bound. The lamination service is excellent if you want to make your work look more professional and longer lasting. Again, please see a member of the Resource Centre Team who will be able to assist you.

We hold a wide range of learning resources for Education, such as:

  • subject specialist books
  • teaching materials, such as government documents.

We supply resources for teaching assignments (paper, card and other stationery items), and provide access to the Children’s Scrapstore through centre membership.

Opening hours

Location Date and time
ACE Resource Centre Monday to Friday: 08:00–21:00
Technical Support Office   Monday to Thursday: 08:30 - 17.00 (16:30 Friday)
S Block Loans Desk Monday to Friday: 10:00–12:00 and 13:00–15:00

Contacts and location

The resource centre is located in room 2S710, S Block, on Frenchay Campus

View contacts for the team:

In room 3S613, S Block:

Our telephone number is +44 (0)117 32 87669 and our team inbox is

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