Datastream setup

A guide to setting up Datastream for the first time.

The first time you use Datastream Advance (or the Datastream add-in for Excel), you will need to enter the Datastream user name and password.

Set up the Datastream connection

1. Launch Datastream Advance

Datastream setup - Launch

2. From the menu select 'Tools > Configure Communications...'

Datastream setup - Configure communications

3. Enter the user name and password as:
User name: XBPY101
Password: CUSTOMER

Datastream setup - Enter username and password

4. Click the 'Communications' tab and then the 'Config' button

Datastream setup - Communications tab

5. Enter 423 in the 'Port' field and click 'OK'

Datastream setup - Enter 423 in 'Port' field

Datastream should now be able to connect
('Tools > Connect Now' from the menu)

Set up the Excel add-in

You will need to tell Excel where the Datastream add-in is located.

1. Launch Excel

2. From the 'File' menu (top left corner) select 'Options'

Datastream setup - Select options

3. Select 'Add-Ins' from the left hand panel and then click the 'Go...' button

Datastream setup - Select 'Add-Ins'

4. Click the 'Browse...' button in the 'Add-Ins' window:

Datastream setup - Browse

and browse to:
'Computer > Data (D:) > datastream > AdvanceOffice.xlam'
Select the file and click 'OK'

Datastream setup - Browse to computer

5. 'Advance Office 2007' should now be added to the list of add-ins. Make sure it is ticked and click 'OK'

Datastream setup - Advance Office 2007

The 'Datastream' tab should now be visible in Excel (you'll need to set up the Datastream connection to use the tab).

Datastream setup - Visible in Excel