All undergraduate and postgraduate taught students based at UWE Bristol campuses and at UK partner institutions are eligible to use these processes, as well as postgraduate researchers taking taught modules as part of their course.

Students who commenced the MSc Robotics joint award from September 2019, should refer to the University of Bristol’s extenuating circumstances process or email Students who commenced the MSc Robotics joint award prior to September 2019 should follow the UWE Bristol personal circumstances processes

Students studying on the Postgraduate Diploma Law programmes (BPTC, GDL or LPC) should refer to their relevant Blackboard pages.

Acceptable reasons for making an application

You can make a personal circumstances application if you have experienced:

  • serious personal accident, injury or illness (including mental health) of self, close family member or significant other
  • death or anniversary of death of close family member/significant other
  • serious personal disruption (including major household problem, fire, burglary, requirement to appear in court victim of a crime, court attendance, relationship breakdown, unanticipated or non-negotiable commitment to duties associated with an elected office, membership of a voluntary organisation or service with reserve forces)
  • unplanned or unexpected circumstances during pregnancy or for a parent with a baby under six months old
  • impact of natural disaster
  • major, unplanned and verified changes in work commitments
  • highly contagious illness
  • you are the primary carer of a disabled person and something unexpected has affected your ability to submit
  • religious observance
  • participation in activities at a national/international level
  • a unique career enhancing opportunity
  • verifiable University-wide, site-wide, nationally or internationally wide failure of equipment.

The following reasons do not qualify for making an application:

  • colds or known conditions such as hay fever; sore throats, sprains (other than in the writing hand/arm)
  • accidents/illness affecting relatives or friends unless serious or if you're a sole carer/have a disability so are disproportionately affected
  • normal examination stress or anxiety experienced during revision or the assessment period, unless corroborated by medical evidence as a chronic condition and you're undergoing treatment
  • stress in practice placement
  • non-serious domestic, social or personal disruptions: moving house, change of job, holidays, weddings, normal job pressure, failed travel arrangements, financial difficulties, oversleeping
  • study-related circumstances: equipment failure including computing/printer difficulties (unless they occur in the examination itself), failure to have taken back up copies for work stolen or corrupted, bunching of deadlines/examinations, missing books, poor time management, misreading the examination timetable, taking the wrong examination
  • cultural adjustment/assimilation
  • difficulty with the English language
  • different teaching methods in the United Kingdom to a home university
  • anxiety caused by visa issues
  • examination conditions: disruption in the examination room, excessive noise, behaviour of other students. Normally, these conditions will be reported to the invigilators who will pass the reports onto the faculty to be dealt with as appropriate.

Using personal circumstances for practice-based modules

You can use one of the following processes for practice-based modules if:

  • your personal circumstances are affecting your placement

If you feel your performance in practice is being affected by personal difficulties then you need to consider if you're able to continue with the placement. Please follow the guidance in your module handbook or make an appointment to see a Student Support Adviser.

  • you’ve become ill and can’t complete enough hours to be assessed

If you don't submit your assignment(s) please see information about missed assessments.

  • your circumstances prevented you from submitting your assessment

You should use the missed assessments process if you can't submit your assignment(s). This requires you to explain and evidence the reason you're unable to complete the work.

If you’ve had personal difficulties but haven’t missed any practice placement dates and still intend to complete your assessments, you don't need to use one of the personal circumstances processes. In this situation, the implication is that you were fit to attend placement and there were no circumstances that significantly affected your performance.


If you have a question which isn't answered above then please contact an Information Point for further guidance.

For further information please see the code of practice and guidance.

  • Hartpury students should email the Hartpury student advice team at to check local arrangements.
  • For students studying at international partner institutions where UWE Bristol regulations apply, please contact your local administration office or email

If you have a question which is not answered above then please contact an Information Point for guidance, or for further information please see the code of practice and guidance.