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Elaine Sheldon, Dominic Cooney and Ron
Bulldog Clip light by Sheldon Cooney
Elaine and Dominic making part of the  'Unruly Limb' lamp from free-blown glass
The 'Unruly Limb' lamp, free-blown glass and cut crystal

Interview with glass makers and designers Elaine Sheldon & Dominic Cooney

Elaine Sheldon and Dominic Cooney run a successful glass design and hot-glass studio at Cellarhead in Staffrodshire. Producing contemporary glass objects and lighting their work is hand-made and is sought after by interior designers and galleries. To see photographs from the days filming click on the images on the left. To visit the Sheldon Cooney website follow the link below.

Elaine and Dominic were interviewed at their home and studio on 29th June 2006 as part of 'Made in the Middle', a touring exhibition organised by Craftspace in partnership with Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. They were the last artists to be interviewed for a video which will accompany the exhibition when it launches on the 14th November 2006 at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. The previous two interviewees were silversmith Ndidi Ekubia and ceramist Bridget Drakeford.

Interviewer: Matthew Partington.
Director: Matthew Partington.
Lighting cameraman: Bob Prince.
Soundman: Dave Brookfield.

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