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Rosa Nguyen
Alinah Azadeh
David Kay

The Shape of Things Interviews

On 15th September interviews were filmed with artists Rosa Nguyen and Alinah Azadeh and with arts consultant David Kay.  Rosa and Alinah are two of the artists taking part in 'The Shape of Things' - a national project for which David is the organiser.  "The Shape of Things aims to encourage a contemporary crafts professional practice, audience and market that is culturally diverse and representative. The shape of things is creating an opportunity and context for considering and debating what distinctive contribution artists make to influence or reflect national identity, to connect Britain with global cultures and to reference the intercultural nature of British society."

Rosa and Alinah are the two artists whose work now features in The Shape of Things exhibition at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery (6 February - 18 April 2010) and parts of these interviews are being played on a TV screen in the exhibition space.  This interview was a collaboration between NEVAC and Bristol Museum's Fine Art Curator Julia Carver.

The Shape of Things website:

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Interviewer: Matthew Partington.
Lighting cameraman/sound: Bob Prince.