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‘L'impression 3D pour artistes, designers et créateurs’ (French edition),

Author/Co Author: Hoskins, Stephen
PUBLISHED by: Marabout
ISBN: 2501096851
Découvrez l'impression 3D, cette nouvelle technologie qui va révolutionner nos vies !
Ce livre présente l'histoire de l'impression 3D, de ses origines dans l'aérospatial aux différentes utilisations qui en sont faites aujourd'hui (biomédical, Formule 1, mobilier, bijouterie...).
A partir d'études de cas, cet ouvrage montre en quoi cette nouvelle technologie influence les industries créatives dans le monde entier.

Dates 10/ 2014

3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers by Professor Stephen Hoskins

Author/Co Author: Hoskins, Stephen
PUBLISHED by: Bloomsbury academic
Rapidly gaining popular attention, 3D printing is viewed as the next life changing technology. This book explains how the creative industries are directly interfacing with this new technology and how it is changing the practices of many artists and designers across the globe. A selection of case studies of leading practitioners in their respective disciplines reveals this fascinating process in action.

The book also introduces the groundbreaking research by Stephen Hoskins and his 3D team at the Centre for Fine Print Research, world leaders in the development of techniques for 3D printing in ceramics, and includes a history of 3D printing, from its origins in aerospace to its current, diverse applications in bio-medics and Formula One racing, through to furniture design and jewellery.

A fascinating investigation into how the applied arts continue to adapt to new technologies, this book is for academics and 3D print users from both the arts and science backgrounds, as well as artists, designers, those in creative industries and anyone who has an interest in new technological developments. 

Dates 11/2013 | Read more on the Bloomsbury Website

‘The margins of art practice bordering on industrial development’

editor: Howlett, Robert J. (Ed.)
Publisher: Springer “Innovation through Knowledge Transfer”  Book.
Date: 1st Edition., 2010, 381 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-642-14593-3
URL Links: http://www.springer.com/engineering/book/978-3-642-14593-3
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Vol. 5


Published from a conference paper challenging the popular view of artists, spread by the media over many years, of aesthetes with no commercial acumen and a distinct lack of time management.

Examples of this go as far back as 1962 with Tony Hancock in the film the ‘Rebel’ or more recent commentary on Tracey Emin’s unmade bed. The truth is actually much closer to one of self-motivated individuals with good self-discipline and a wide-ranging approach to problem solving. This preconception in itself is not the fault of industry; even when dealing with design, the 2005 DTI Paper on Creativity, Design and Business performance states “Over half of UK firms say design has no role or only a limited role to play in their business”. Why would they want to deal with artists?

Inks book cover image


Author: Hoskins, Stephen
Publisher: A&C Black London 128pp, Allen and Unwin 2005 (Australian Edition).
Date: 2004
ISBN: 07-136-63413
URL Links:

Inks have remained a fundamental aspect of the printing process for thousands of years. This comprehensive and accessible guide traces the development of ink from ancient China, through the Middle Ages and the industrial revolution, to the digital age. This book offers detailed guidance to the various processes from etching and relief-printing to lithography and screenprinting, and also includes a comprehensive list of suppliers and full bibliography By exploring the technical make-up and manufacturing processes of many different types of ink, this book offers practical information to all levels of printmaker.
Waterbased screenprinting cover image

Water-based Screenprinting

Author/Co Author: Hoskins, Stephen
Publisher: A&C Black. London 112pp.
Date: 2001
ISBN: 0-7136-5036-2.
URL Links:

There have been dramatic changes in screenprinting since 1990. These changes have been encouraged by the demand for safer working practices and materials. New methods are radically different to the old solvent-based processes, and allow a delicacy and range of mark-making that was previously unobtainable. The use of water-based screenprinting inks has become more popular as artists realise the endless possibilities it offers. This book, gives detailed guidance as to methods, materials and techniques, but also shows through the work of a group of international artists just what exciting work is possible

Siebdruck mit wasserrloslichen Farben

Author: Hoskins, Stephen
Publisher: Haupt. Bern; Stuttgart; Wein 112pp.
Date: 2002
ISBN: 3-258-06424-5
URL Links:

Water based Screenprinting

Author: Hoskins, Stephen
Publisher: A&C Black/M 112pp Chinese edition.
Date: 2003
ISBN: 7-5386-1471-O/J.178

Journal Articles

'Kite Piece' in Discourse from the end of the line, Drachen Foundation pp. 33-43 download PDF

Underglaze Tissue Printing for Ceramic Artists, a Collaborative Project to Re-appraise 19th Century Printing Skills Stephen Hoskins *, David Huson Key Engineering Materials Vol. 608 (2014) pp 335-340 © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland (PDF)

3D Printed Ceramics for Tableware, Artists/Designers and Specialist Applications. David Huson, Stephen Hoskins. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 608 (2014) pp 351-357 © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland (PDF)

Hoskins S, Computational Colour, The Visual Artist and The Printed Artefact, AIC Journal of the International Colour Association,  6, 50-54. (Download the .PDF)

2005 Amperometric, screen-printed, glucose biosensor for analysis of human plasma samples using a biocomposite water based carbon ink incorporating glucose oxidase. Analytical Biochemistry 347 pp 17 – 23. Authors: Crouch, E; Cowell, D.C; Hoskins, S; Pitson, R; Hart, J.P.


2005 A novel, disposable, screen-printed amperometric biosensor for glucose in serum fabricated using a water based carbon ink. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 21, pp 712-718. Authors: Crouch, E; Cowell, D.C; Hoskins, S; Pitson, R; Hart, J.P.


1998 The routes to pollution minimisation in the ceramic transfer industry. Synergy of Art and Science. British Ceramic Transactions, Vol 97 no 3. Authors: Anderton, R. Hodson, A.G.W. Hoskins, S. Logan, A.M. Petrie, K.


1996 Screenprint Emulsions, Printmaking Today. Vol.5 No.1 pp 31- 32 ISSN 0960 9253. Farrand Press


1996 Water Based Inks, Printmaking Today. Vol. 5 No.3 pp 23-25 ISSN 0960 9253. Farrand Press

1995. The Chemistry of Ferric Chloride, Printmaking Today. Vol.4 No.2 ISSN 0960 9253 Authors: Hoskins, S. Pearce, R.

Industrial Patents

Novel methods of water based screenprinted ceramic transfers

Author/Co Author: S.Hoskins, Held Jointly with R.Anderton and D.Fortune.
Publisher: PCT International,
Date: 2002
Patent Number: WO 9855327

Printer with substrate registration means

Author/Co Author:Hoskins, Stephen
Publisher: PCT International,
Date: 2004
Patent Number:WO 2005002863.
Espacenet Patent Search: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails

Ceramic Product and Process

Author/Co Author:Hoskins, Stephen and Huson, David
Publisher: PCT International,
filed: 15/12/2011
Patent Number:PCT/GB2011/051069
Espacenet Patent Search: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails