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"When is Now" Printmaking from screenprint to digital

Hoskins, Stephen
'As is When’ Lecture Series
Tank Loft Contemporary Arts Centre, Chongqing 
Chongqing China
Prof Stephen Hoskins

Professor Stephen Hoskins was invited by the British Council to undertake a series of lectures in relation to the exhibition ‘As is When’ A boom in British Printmaking 1961 - 1972.

‘As is When’ Gallery Tour

This tour reflects upon the prints from the 1960’s and 70’s, details the processes by which they are produced, and charts the developments in changing technology through the period of the exhibition. It also comments on how these changes are reflected in the artists’ individual approaches to the medium of print. In addition some personal details about the artists are given, several of whom, Professor Hoskins has worked with in recent years.

Lecture Abstract:

The relationship between the Kelpra prints of the 1960's and Contemporary Printmaking practice. The prints in the exhibition 'As is When' stem from a period when screenprinting was new to Fine Art, this talk relates that phenomena to current developments in printmaking and the difficulties of the acceptance of new technology. It demonstrates how prints were made collaboratively in a studio situation then, and how artists currently approach making prints in a collaborative studio. Drawing parallels between the two, with Artists such as Richard Hamilton and Joe Tilson who are both in the exhibition and the work the Centre for Fine Print Research has recently undertaken for these artists. The talk then expands on the breadth of current Printmaking including the reappraisal of 19th Century technologies and the current merging of Print and Photography.