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‘What constitutes Printmaking in the 21st Century?’,

Hoskins, S
Name of conference: Symposium, Seacourt Print studio
Place: The University of Ulster, Belfast
Date: 17.x06.2010
Paper Presented by: Hoskins S
URL Links: www.seacourt-ni.org.uk/news/symposium_report.htm

I run the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol and most of our work concerns research into print process. About a third of what we do is collaborative with artists similar to the American studio model, a third is specifically about research, into historic processes from the 19th century, digital process and computational colour for creative artists. The final third is directly working with the industry, so we as a research centre do own every wide format printer you can think of, because every company gives them to us. However we do test them and try them for the industry but also use them to print for artists. Therefore I have a real interest in digital technology and one aspect that I think we shouldn’t confuse ourselves over, is the concept of where we come from as printmakers. We all use industrial technology - it might have been industrial technology in 1750 or it might have been industrial technology in 1960 but it still industrial technology, so there is going to be a problem.

Stephen's opening statement can be seen in its entirety here  as a pdf file.