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Pictorial Information as Transcribed by the Artist or Designer

Hoskins, Stephen
Name of conference: Electronic Imaging Science and Technology Conference, Color Imaging XIV: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications.
Place: San Jose, California, USA
Date: 20-22.1.2009
Paper Presented by: Stephen Hoskins
URL Links: http://spie.org

Paper given at the Dark Side of Color panel. Current technologies are designed to capture a pictorial image by reflectance of light upon the sensor, in order to create the potential to render a colour image pixel by pixel, which can then be re-rendered repeatedly without losing colour information or fidelity. Whilst this may be the method used when taking a photograph it may not be what the user is thinking they are doing when they capture a digital image.

Pixels only render colour, an image is only represented by coloured pixels there is little or no other information, should there be? As an example artists and designers make a series of choices before rendering a pictorial image, whether through paint, print or photography. Those choices can be influenced by many factors often bearing no relation to accurate rendition of the colour viewed. They are however closely related to the accurate rendition of the pictorial image that the artist has chosen to represent. This paper articulated some of the approaches an artist makes with visual examples for each approach and demonstrated how decisions made will affect the outcome of the image.

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