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New methods of Ceramic Print from both digital and Autographic Processes

Author: Hoskins, Stephen
Name of conference:IIMPACT 2 International multidisciplinary printmaking conference
Place: Helsinki. Finland
Date: 2001

How does a fine art printmaker become interested in what are purportedly decorative processes for domestic tableware production and what do these processes have to offer for the fine artist.

In both Europe and the United States there has been a rekindled interest in the use of print onto ceramic artefacts. In the UK this has been exemplified by exhibitions such as ‘Hot off the Press’ curated by Paul Scott (Tullie House/Crafts Council Touring Exhibition, Tullie House Carlisle, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Wolsey Art Gallery Ipswich, Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery). The reasons for this new interest are fundamentally based within the fields of both art and design and are concerned with the reappraisal that all artist are making, as new technologies create new opportunities. For ceramicists, this allows the break from the form follows function tradition. For printmakers and other artists, whilst they welcome new opportunities, print on ceramic and enamel is often seen as a more pragmatic and permanent way of producing art for commission. The combination of ceramic and print also helps prise open the debate for a convergence between traditional borders of fine art and craft. Is a screenprinted enamel panel produced for the side of a building craft? Or conversely is a commercially bought domestic china mug decorated with a printed transfer commissioned from a printmaker who has no knowledge of making ceramics following the notions of form follows function?