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Is Art making Sustainable?

Author/Co Author
: Hoskins, Stephen and Risseeuw, John. Professor of Art, Arizona State University
Name of conference: 32nd annual Southwest Arts Conference, on the theme “Safety/Sustainability/The Future is No Accident”
Place: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Date: 13-14.8.2009
Paper Presented by: Stephen Hoskins and John Risseeuw
URL Links: www.azarts.gov/swac/2009

Using their recent research study on Sustainability in Print Media, John Risseeuw and Stephen Hoskins provided a framework for understanding the basic science of sustainability, relating it to art materials and practice. Risseeuw and Hoskins began with definitions: sustainability and different understandings of the theory; associated terms like carbon footprint and environmental burden; as well as current practices by industry and government. This paper was reworked to be given at the IMPACT conference September 2009, panel 5 Print in the Social Sphere.

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