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Novel Ceramic Materials and 3D Printing Applications

Author: Stephen Hoskins
Name of conference: TCT Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Conference
Place: NEC, Birmingham
Date: 26.09.2012
Paper Presented by: Stephen Hoskins


Research in the field of 3D printed ceramics has been undertaken for at least 20 years; the initial patents filed by Moo and Cima of MIT in 1992, detail the use of ceramic powders. In the last ten years the research has split between what could be defined as technical ceramics and Domestic Tableware, which invariably includes art and craft ceramics. CFPR is a leader in 3D printed ceramics for Artists and Craftspeople, one of primary objectives of the research undertaken at the CFPR is the creation of actual physical artefacts in ‘real materials’. The term 3D printing is becoming accepted as a replacement for rapid prototyping, as the technology moves from producing prototypes to creating artefacts in actual materials. Since 2006 research in this field at the CFPR has been supported by government funding and progressed from an assessment of the potential of RP for the visual Arts, including the development of novel processes for craftspeople, culminating in the development of a patented 3D ceramic material that has wider applications for the 3D printing industry. This material has been well received, with collaborative industrial partnerships with a number of companies, such as Viridis in the USA and Johnson Matthey and Denby Potteries in the UK. Research has been undertaken with Denby Potteries on an AHRC funded project ‘Solid Free-form fabrication in fired ceramic as a design aid for concept modelling in the ceramic industry.’
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