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Professor Stephen Hoskins

Selected Presentations and Papers

Underglaze Tissue Printing for Ceramic Artists, a Collaborative Project to Re-appraise 19th Century Printing Skills Stephen Hoskins *, David Huson Key Engineering Materials Vol. 608 (2014) pp 335-340 © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland (PDF)

3D Printed Ceramics for Tableware, Artists/Designers and Specialist Applications. David Huson, Stephen Hoskins. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 608 (2014) pp 351-357 © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland (PDF)

'A Very English Process, Underglaze tissue printing for ceramic artists, a collaborative project to reappraise 19th Century printing skills' NCECA 2014, 48TH Annual Conference, Milwaukee, USA 19-22 March 2014

'A Very English Process, Underglaze tissue printing for ceramic artists, a collaborative project to reappraise 19th Century printing skills' IMPACT 8 Dundee, August 2013

'Continuous Tone Colour Printing in Two and a Half Dimensions through a Combination of 19th Century Analogue Methodologies and 3D printing' NIP 29 conference, Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Seattle, USA 29 September  – 3 October 2013

‘Novel Ceramic Materials and 3D Printing Applications' Hoskins, S. TCT Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Conference, 29th September, 2012

3D Printing of Self-glazing Ceramics: An Investigation into Egyptian Faience Authors: Hoskins, S. and Huson, D., NIP28/Digital Fabrication 2012, 9-13 September 2012 Quebec, Canada

The Physical artefact: a case study for digital engagement in the creative industries.

Hoskins, S.  Huson, D. Digital Engagement 2011 (the Digital Economy All Hands Meeting), 15-17 November 2011 , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Download the .PDF

‘Is Artmaking Sustainable?’ SGC Conference, Sam Fox School of Design, University of Washington, St Louis, MO. Panel chair and co-author: John Risseeuw, Professor of Art, Arizona State University. 2011

Invited speaker  ‘Collection of today – Towards a critical evaluation of your collections’, Association of European Printing Museums AEPM, Wadgassen, Germany 2010

Invited speaker ‘Future of Manual Printmaking in the UK’, Symposium, Curwen Print Study Centre, Cambridge. 2010

Invited speaker ‘Unique Reproduction - Definitions of Original Printmaking in a Digital Age’, Symposium, Seacourt Print studio, The University of Ulster, Belfast. 2010

‘The collaborative print studio within a Higher Educational Institution and its relationship to the art marketplace’, Higher Education and the Creative Economy Conference, University of Southampton. Co-author Paul Laidler. 2010

The Margins of Art Practice Bordering on Industrial Development, Conference Paper, International Conference on Innovation through Knowledge Transfer, Hampton Court Palace, London, 2 December 2009

Is Artmaking Sustainable?
, Conference Paper, 32nd annual Southwest Arts Conference, Phoenix USA, 13 and 14 August 2009

Prints that Fly, Talking Prints Lecture Series, Artists Network, University of Central Lancashire, 17 June 2009

Beyond Borders, in Printmaking with Extreme Technology, SGC 2009.

Pictorial Information as Transcribed by the Artist or Designer, Co Authored Conference Paper, Electronic Imaging Science and Technology Conference, San Jose, California, USA, 20-22 January 2009

S. Hoskins; "When is Now" Printmaking from screenprint to digital, Tank Loft Contemporary Arts Centre Chongqing, Chongqing China, April 10th 2007

S. Hoskins; Contemporary British Printmaking and its relation to Pop- Art in the 1960’, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing China, April 9th 2007

S. Hoskins; "When is Now" Printmaking from screenprint to digital, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing China, April 7th 2007

‘Developments in the Digital Production of High Quality Original Art: A Case Study’ (Focal Paper) IS&T NIP 23 International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies Anchorage Alaska. Also invited Session Chair for Digital Art . 2007

‘From Bash Street to Duchamp, reproduction and originality using digitally created content’
  Institute of Physics Conference with Sophia Fairclough and Caroline Harrison, independent paper conservators. 2006

‘Digitally Print technologies and their relation to Vitreous Enamel on metal for the visual artist’. Stephen Hoskins, Elizabeth Turrell. Paper for IS&T Conference NIP22 International Conference on Digital Technologies Denver Colorado. 2006 (PDF)

‘The diversity of digital print technologies used in the creation of high quality Fine Art’. Paper for IS&T Conference NIP22 International Conference on Digital Technologies Denver Colorado. 2006

‘The digital collotype atelier’. Conference Paper 2nd International Collotype Conference, UWE, Bristol.

Why we do what we do! The surface, aesthetic and tactile qualities of printed artefact.
Inaugural Professorial Lecture, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol. 2004

’The relevance of 19th century continuous tone photomechanical printing techniques to digitally generated imagery’. Stephen Hoskins, Paul Thirkell IS&T SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, Santa Clara, California, USA. 2003

‘Continuous tone digital output using archivally proven printing methods and materials’. Stephen Hoskins Paul Thirkell. Preservation and conservation issues relating to digital printing, Institute of Physics congress, Edinburgh, Scotland. 2003. (PDF)

‘Questions of authenticity, geopolitical division, and production in the laser print era’ Southern Graphics Council Conference. Boston Mass. USA. 2003 (PDF)

‘A Reassessment of Past Colour Collotype Printing Achievements as a Model for Current Digital, Archival Printing Practice’  Paul Thirkell, Stephen Hoskins.  PICS Conference Rochester New York State, USA. 2003

‘A Perpetual Portfolio’  Hewlett Packard European Art and Science Philanthropy Conference. Florence, Italy. 2003

‘From Conflict to Conduit Print or Printmaking’ IMPACT 3 Micheles School of Art University of Capetown South Africa . 2003

‘Specialist artists paper for wide format printing’. Hewlett Packard European Art and Science Philanthropy Conference. Paphos, Cyprus. 2002

‘Water based screenprinted ceramic transfers’, Aki. Enschade. Holland. 2002

‘The margins of Printmaking practise bordering on industrial development
. 28th Southern Graphics Council Conference, University of Austin, Texas, USA. 2001

‘Printmaking from the  margins’. Panel Chair. Cortona printmaking conference. University of Georgia. Cortona, Italy. 2001

‘Academic Research within an arts based printmaking environment. In-Print Seminar. Ferens Art Gallery Hull. Panel Member . 2001

New methods of Ceramic Print from both digital and Autographic Processes. IMPACT 2 University of Helsinki. Finland, 2001

Carinna Parraman, Stephen Hoskins. IS&T 9th Color Imaging Conference - Color Science, Systems and Application Scottsdale, Arizona, USA , 2001