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The hybrid lexicon: an overview of contemporary artists' publishing in the UK, utilising traditional and emerging technologies to create finely produced artists' books

Bodman, Sarah
Name of conference: CODEX Symposium: The Fate of the Art, The Hand Printed Book in the 21st Century
Place:University of California, Berkeley, USA
Date: 12-15.2.07
Paper Presented by: Bodman, Sarah
URL Links: www.codexfoundation.org

This first PDF download contains contacts and brief information for artists, publishers, and typographers featured in Sarah Bodman’s lecture. The second PDF download provides a list of the artists images and information about each of the works.

The full text of the lecture will be published by the CODEX Foundation in an illustrated book provisionally titled The Fate of the Art, The hand made book in the 21st century (editor David Jury) that will catalogue the presses and their books, and publish the proceedings of the Symposium.

The talks, panels and some related events were recorded by the CODEX team of dedicated helpers, and will be available as podcasts from www.arceditions.com in the near future.

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