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Creating and Distributing Artists' Books

AUTHOR: Bodman, Sarah
NAME OF CONFERENCE: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Research Series
PLACE: University of the Arts London
DATE: 10.01.07



This was a one-year AHRC supported survey project (30/05/04 – 30/05/05) to compare the different methods used by artists for creating and distributing their work; in order to offer advice to artists on how to market their work and build better relationships with potential purchasers.

Why we initiated this project

We knew that many artists (particularly those who were new to the field) have problems with pricing and marketing their work. We receive emails, letters and calls for help on a daily basis, from artists wanting advice on where they can exhibit and sell their work, and how to approach institutional and private collectors. This project was initiated to answer some of these questions in an accessible manner, which would help the artists, and enable us to direct them to information quickly. A year might seem like a long time to investigate these issues, but we knew that in order to conduct a proper investigation we would need to use a variety of methods to thoroughly ask and answer the questions. Our funding was only for travel and materials, and the project was run alongside other projects we were working on, which if anything aided our investigation through new contacts being brought into this study. We utilised a range of methods from an open response survey of the field, to interviews, case studies and data gathering, which we continually cross-referenced and added to as the project evolved. Our project resulted in the publication of a free download guidebook for book artists.

(pdf) Lecture of Artists’ Books Creative Production and Marketing