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Dr Peter Walters

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Selected Exhibitions and Awards

Journal front coverPulsar, exhibited at 3D 2D: Object and Illusion in Print

artefact: Pulsar, by K. Davies, P. Walters
exhibition: 3D 2D: Object and Illusion in Print
venue: Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery
Date: 18 September - 30 October 2010
URL Links: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/cfpr/dissemination/exhibitions

There has long been a close relationship between the second and third dimension in the field of Printmaking. Connoisseurs and printmakers frequently describe how the rich surface qualities of (for example) the etched emboss, the raised trace of the relief block, or the layered impasto of a screen print – serve to enhance the impact of a 2D image, creating something more akin to an object than a mere visual illusion on a flat surface. Many traditional artists printing techniques in fact share similar principles and conventions to those of sculpture for moulding, processing, casting and being produced in multiple. In recent years new digital techniques for printing have enhanced the printmakers palette, however, prints produced through digital output have remained largely in the 2D realm.

Currently a new era is dawning with print based, rapid prototype technologies gradually coming within the reach of the fine artist. This exhibition investigated the dual possibilities of creatively engaging with digital software and hardware to produce data that can be printed in both 2D and 3D. A selection of artists working in the field have were selected to produce printed images and related printed objects that reveal new insights into image and object making through print. Each artist produced both a 2D (digital print) and a 3D printed object that in some way sets up a relationship or an interaction between the 2 dimensions.

Visit the exhibition page to view photographs of the exhibition.

Journal front coverCommitted to Print

Place: Sharples and Winterstokes Galleries, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Curated By: Dr Paul thrikell
Date: 2007
URL Links: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/cfpr/dissemination/exhibitions

This exhibition features prints and print-related artefacts resulting from some of the Centre’s many research projects. It includes artworks that explore the possibilities of several almost forgotten high quality nineteenth century printing processes through to the latest cutting- edge digital printing techniques. One of the over-arching themes of much of its research involves the integration of the best of the old with the advances of the present to facilitate new and increasingly comprehensive means of expression for artists.
As well as work exploring the possibilities of combining digital imaging techniques with rare old processes such as collotype, printed enamels and an obscure photo ceramic printing technique, the exhibition aims to reveal the potential of some of the newer imaging technologies that have recently emerged.

Besides work from its diverse projects and collaborations, this exhibition features prints commissioned by the CFPR from five artists especially for this show. Working in conjunction with researchers from the Centre, the five artists: Susan Collins, Charlotte Hodes, Paul Hodgson and Neeta Madahar and Jo Lansley - selected for their innovative work with new forms of digital imaging - all produced a series of ambitious prints that, along with the other pieces in the exhibition, reveal some of the exciting new horizons in print currently being explored by contemporary artists.

Intelligent Design: An Exhibition of Industrial Design

Place: Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
Curated By:
Date: 11.2003
Catalogue ISBN:
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Group exhibition by the Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University and Design Futures
Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers, London, and Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire: Design Travel Award, March 2003.