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3D Printing in Colour: Technical Evaluation and Creative Applications

Author/Co Authors:
Walters, P.; Huson, D; Parraman, C; Stanić, M
Name of conference: Impact 6 International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference

Place: University of the West of England – Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol
Date: 17-21.9.09
Paper Presented by:
URL Links: www.impact.uwe.ac.uk

In this paper we report on an ongoing interdisciplinary investigation into the capabilities of colour 3D printing technologies, and present examples of the application of these technologies within art and design practice. The paper demonstrates that a quantitative investigation into colour reproduction in 3D printing can inform real-life design practice. Our research focuses on the powder-binder colour 3D printing system (Z Corporation, Burlington, MA). We present a technical evaluation which compares the colour output of the ZCorp 510 and 650 powder-binder 3D printers, through the production and measurement of colour test blocks.

The investigation also compares the effect of two infiltrants (paraffin wax and cyanoacrylate) commonly used to enhance 3d printed output. The paper closes with a practical case study showing an application of colour 3D printing within art and design practice.

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