Centre for Fine Print Research University of the West of England Centre for Fine Print Research

Dr Paul Laidler

Examination and Supervision

Name: Angie Butler

Commenced: PhD, October 2012,
THESIS TITLE:Investigating letterpress within contemporary book arts practice.
Supervision: Director of studies Sarah Bodman, Supervisors: Tom Sowden, Dr Paul Laidler

Name: Lee Hamilton

KTP Research Associate: 2010 - 2012
Students Research project: Substrate and Print Development for composite flooring instillations
Supervision: Paul Laidler and Steve Hoskins

This post forms part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Dycem Ltd and University of the West of England. The project aims to develop and enhance a new decontamination flooring range that has the capacity for incorporating digitally printed logos and signage into the company’s production to facilitate growth and entry into new markets -to find ways of printing customer logos, patterns, or advertising and marketing messages on the flooring.

Name: Melissa Olen

Cfpr digital print internship: 2009 - 2010
Students Research project: Research into the generation of Inkjet positives
Supervision: Paul Laidler and Carinna Parraman

Melissa’s contribution to the CFPR has been in the assistance of the production of printed editions as well as general organizational tasks in the print studio. Additionally she has assisted in the instruction of the CPD course on inkjet printing on various surfaces, demonstrating and explaining colour managed workflows, as well as jointly giving a demonstration at the IMPACT conference held at UWE in September 2009. This demonstration, under the theme of “Workflows”, focuses on the process of digital imaging for print, demonstrating a practitioners approach to the interpretation and development of digital photographs. Melissa has also undertaken research into the development of inkjet positives for lithography under the CFPR’s supervision. This research explores the alternatives to the standard halftone pattern utilized in photographic reproduction. The goal of which will be to achieve a stochastic dot pattern or variation of the standard halftone that is less obtrusive to the viewer.

In her personal work Melissa is investigating the personal connection to the photograph, how this influences her work as a digital imager, to how it can be translated into a non-divulging textual representation. Melissa is currently utilizing inkjet and laser printing technologies at the CFPR in the construction of the prints. Work from this series has recently been exhibited at the RWA in their Open Print Exhibition.