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Paul Laidler

Professional Practice

New Wave: artists’ publishing in the 21st Century

Place: Impact Conference, UWE Bristol, UK
Curated By: Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden
Date: 15-21.9.09
Catalogue ISBN:
URL Links: www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk

New Wave was an exhibition demonstrating examples of concepts and formats of artists' publishing. The exhibition is displayed over two rooms, a hands-on room of 133 artists' books, and a reference book reading room of contextual publications, alongside which we are showing copies of altered Artist's Book Tree diagrams from our online artists’ books survey.


The Exhibition presented a range of concepts and formats of artists’ publishing, from knitted books to i-pod publications, free download e-books, hypertext works, phone-based works, POD books, letterpress, hand printed etc. Not concerned with categorising books by format, the exhibition emphasized content; a small mirror of the world, books that are political, observational, reflective, humorous, calls to action, treatises, books that talk to each other, books that question our relationship with both the word and the world. The subjects range from politics, humour, war, love, death, travel, snails, performance, religion, romance, books about other artists’ books, conversations, corrections, language, history, equal rights, days in the country, generative texts, reassemblings, DIY books…