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The role of the Master Printer in the digital age

Laidler, Paul
Name of conference: Collaborate - Innovate - Create, Managing Colour in Digital Processes & the Arts, Research Poster Presentation, Create Conference, Interactive Poster Sessions
Place: Bush House, Bristol, UK
Date: 18.9.07
Paper Presented by: Laidler, Paul
URL Links: www.create.uwe.ac.uk

The traditional printmaking studio has been responsible for producing some of the most innovative fine art prints of the 20th c. The workshops vast knowledge on a variety of themes relating to the production of fine art prints have seen it provide extensive insights in to the holistic nature of collaborative printmaking.
This comprehensive knowledge contained within the workshop environment has subsequently provided valuable insights for a wide range of related print fields including, historians, printers and conservators alike.

From these field observations the workshop system is often acknowledged as a key contributor to many of the benchmarks developed within the discipline of fine art printmaking.
However it is with today’s introduction of digital technology within these established historical environments that many of the previous devices are coming into question. The ensuing questions are therefore directed at this replacement of technologies and to what degree these previous standards and settings are still relevant or necessary.

This Poster will begin to address some of these issues by using a series of case studies that revisit the traditional collaborative workshop system through digital technology. In this instance the comparative assessment is based in action research where the research is gathered through the traditional role of the Master Printer.

By looking at these previous definitions and methods within the field we may begin to see crossovers and connections and thus appropriating where necessary. This presentation will describe some of these appropriations and how they maybe redefined in light of issues and practicalities raised by digital technology.

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