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The Photographic in Digital Printmaking

Laidler, Paul
Name of conference: Shifting Perspectives: Photography, Education and the Future, APHE Conference
Place: UWE, Bristol in association with Manchester Metropolitan University
Date: 4.7.2008
Paper Presented by: Laidler, Paul
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The paper describes the initial felt need to begin investigating the impact of digital technology within the field of fine art printmaking as a practice led PhD study. Then moving beyond the felt need the presentation pinpoints a series of seminal technological developments that are significant to printmaking practices and concerns. From these baselines three artists case studies that are concerned with ‘the photographic’ are used to describe the impact of digital technology upon the role of the traditionally defined Master Printmaker. By raising questions concerning the mutability and democratisation effects of digital technology upon traditionally established print practices the presentation will identify some of the methods and considerations that have emerged from the study.

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