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Further Developments in the Digital Fabrication of Ceramic Artworks

Author: Huson, D.
Name of conference: NIP25: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies and Digital Fabrication 2009
Place: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Date: 20.9.2009
Paper Presented by: Huson, D.
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David Huson and colleagues at the Centre for Fine Print Research in the School of Creative Arts at the University of the West of England are conducting a three-year AHRB funded research project into the use of Digital Fabrication techniques in the area of Art/Craft ceramics. Now in the final year the project is continuing to advance methodologies in the use of digital fabrication techniques to form models and moulds for the production of ceramic artworks and refining the process of forming a ceramic object directly by the use of 3D printing technologies.

The direct 3D printing of ceramic powders has been shown to be a viable procedure for translating 3D computer generated models in to physical ceramic forms which can then be fired and further processed. This paper will detail the progress of the research to date and will use examples of current artwork projects to illustrate how these techniques have been developed and refined to allow artists and crafts persons to investigate and implement ideas and concepts that were previously unattainable.
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