Centre for Fine Print Research University of the West of England Centre for Fine Print Research

Title of Paper: Digital Fabrication Techniques in Art/Craft and Designer/Maker Ceramics

Author/Co Author:
Huson, D
Name of conference: Digital Fabrication 2006
Place: Denver, Colorado
Date: 09.2006
Published in: Digital Fabrication 2006, 172-175
Paper Presented by: Huson, D
isbn: 0-89208-264-X

While the development of Rapid Prototyping and Digital Fabrication technologies has transformed the production of models and prototypes in the industrial ceramics world, the use of these techniques in Art/Craft and Designer/Maker ceramics has been in minimal, due to the cost and complexity of their implementation. The Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England are conducting a research project into facilitating the use of Digital Fabrication techniques in the area of Art/Craft and Designer/Maker bespoke ceramics.

The aims of the project are to develop methodologies and practices to allow the Art/Craft and Designer/Maker ceramist to use and fully utilise these technologies. The project is investigating three main areas: The use of 3D printing technologies and CNC machining to translate a computer generated three-dimensional virtual model into a mould capable of producing a bespoke ceramic artefact. To research the possibilities, and then develop the methodology of forming a bespoke ceramic artefact directly by the use of 3D printing and other Rapid Prototyping technologies. The use of laser scanning equipment, reverse engineering and digital fabrication techniques to facilitate the production of short runs of bespoke ceramic artefacts.