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Traditional approaches using new technologies:
Case studies of printed wallpaper using UV inkjet printing

venue: eindhoven university of technology, the netherlands
dates: 19-21 october 2011
url: http://desireconference.wordpress.com/
authors: carinna parraman and sophie adams-foster
above image: 3D wallpaper design, carinna parraman, 2011
download .pdf: 'traditional approaches using new technologies.pdf'

view the Prezi presentation: Traditional approaches prezi

Carinna Parraman and Renishaw KTP Associate Sophie Adams-Foster will be presenting their paper 'Traditional Approaches using New Technologies: Case studies of printed wallpaper using UV inkjet printing' at the Desire conference. The DESIRE Network's Second International Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design, is being held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on 19-21 October 2011. The conference theme is theory and practice of creative processes in design.

The objective of the Wallpaper Project, in collaboration with Roland DG (UK) Ltd and with support from European Research Development Funding (ERDF), was to develop a range of printed materials and surfaces that could be developed as print on paper, textiles and applied to walls, which could be interactive with the user with a long term objective to adapt to changes in the environment. The paper explores contemporary approaches to wallpaper design that combines craft, design, cutting-edge fabrication and novel printing technologies. New printing technologies are now being used to print onto a range of materials (plastics, metal, wood, uncoated papers) and can be used to trial new inks and methods of printing (UV hardening, metallic colours, ceramic, three-dimensional, non standard colour). Using the wallpapers created by MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking students and research staff at Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, this paper describes a series of case studies, and highlights a range of interesting opportunities and decision processes creative practitioners encountered when using new technologies. The wallpaper project is part of a larger enquiry into 2D and 3D printing. The paper discusses the wider implications of a novel process and materials-led exploration that explores new UV printing, additive layer manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Their paper presents an ongoing CFPR research project (the Wallpaper Project) as a case study in developing UV inkjet printing techniques. The project - 'The use of printable UV, thermo and solar receptive pigments for wallpaper and textiles' has so far produced 9 wallpaper designs by invited artists, printed in the CFPR wide format studio.

Carinna has developed a novel Wallpaper book that includes samples of the wallpapers, and viewing devices such as 3D glasses. This book will then be presented at Dutch Design Week, which Carinna and Sophie will be attending to disseminate project findings. Dutch Design Week is a major annual event, now in it's tenth year. In 2010 over 1500 designers participated over 9 days, with 300 events spread over 65 locations throughout the town of Eindhoven. The event drew 150,000 visitors from Holland and abroad.

The Desire 2011 conference will present a range of papers responding to the following topics:

  • Methods, tools and techniques for supporting creative design processes
  • Methods, tools and techniques for observing and studying creative design processes
  • Design cases illustrating the role of creativity in design
  • Theoretical insights into creative design processes in design and related domains
  • Visions on teaching & research in  creative design
  • Creativity by teams, organizations, and communities
  • Representations supporting creative design
  • Understanding the social and psychological aspects of design work
  • Social and cultural theories of design work

The conference is organized by the DESIRE Network (www.desirenetwork.eu) which is funded by the European Commission. The network aims to advance the current understanding of creative processes applied in scientific and technological design.

The conference is organized In-Cooperation with ACM and papers and workshop/tutorial materials will be published in the ACM library. We shall publish a supplementary proceedings with poster/exhibit materials. Keynote speakers are Marc Hassenzahl and Linda Candy.