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Spatial image processing for the enhancement and restoration of film, photography and print

Author/Co Author:
Carrina Parraman, Alessandro Rizzi
Name of conference: INFOS 2010, The 7th International Conference on Informatics and Systems
Place: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 28-30.03.2010
Paper Presented by: Carinna Parraman

This paper presents a review of research undertaken into algorithms for colour enhancement methods based on the behaviour of the human vision system and the applied research in film, photography and print. These colour enhancements methods perform automatic adjustments that are based on the content of the image without the need of any statistic or a-priori knowledge about it. We have found that it can have a range of benefits and implications for enhancement of new images and restoration of deteriorated images. This paper presents an overview of series of research projects that have been undertaken since 2005 and which are still being explored as new algorithms are being introduced and refined. The paper will discuss the strengths and limits of this approach.

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