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New findings to colour changes in prints during long-term dark storage of prints.

Carinna Parraman
Name of conference: 4th International Conference on: Preservation and Conservation of Digitally Printed Materials
Place: Institute of Physics, Rutherford Lecture Theatre, London
Date: 27-28.5.2010
Paper Presented by: Carinna Parraman
URL Links: http://www.iop.org/conferences Programme: http://ppp10.iopconfs.org

The most significant impact on colour fading in prints is exposure to light and air.
However what happens to coloured prints during long-term storage in boxes, drawers and on
shelves? Measurements of samples, printed in July 2005, stored in a range of light and
darkened storage conditions have shown some interesting initial results. As more emphasis is
placed on the effects of light, the dark stability of inkjet prints is relatively overlooked when
considering how to preserve or store coloured prints.

This study and presentation builds on previous research [1] and has concentrated on the changes to colour during storage. With reference to ASTM F2035 - 00(2006) Standard Practice for Measuring the Dark Stability of Ink Jet Prints, the Standards outline points out that whilst natural aging is the most reliable
method of assessing image stability, materials and inks any data that is produced quickly
becomes redundant; therefore accelerated aging is more preferred. However, the fine art
materials in this study are still very much in circulation. The leading fine art papers, and
pigmented ink-sets used in these trials are still being used by artists. We can therefore
demonstrate the characteristics of colour changes and the impact of ink on paper that utilises
natural aging methods.

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