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Colour print workflow and methods for multi-layering of colour and decorative inks using UV inkjet for fine-art printing

Author/Co Author:
Carinna Parraman
Name of conference: IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Color Imaging XVII:
Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications Panel
Place: San Jose (California – USA)
Date: 24-26 January 2012
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The current inkjet market is mainly composed of two dimensional printers, paper and vinyl printing, 3D CAD, solvent wide-format and UV printing onto paper, plastics and board. Inkjet is ubiquitously used as a proofing or prototyping tool in preparation for print production, but it is also being used as the means to print final products and artefacts, for example, printing onto wallpaper, hot-air balloon nylon and furniture. This has been made possible through the more permanent and enduring UV curable inks.

In order to increase density of colour and improve ink coverage when printing onto a range of surfaces, this paper will present research into over-layering of colour and the appearance of colour at 'n' levels of ink coverage. It will also present a study into layering of greys and gloss in order to improve the appearance of printed images onto metal. Returning to our original investigation of artist's requirements when making inkjet prints (1999-), these observations are based on empirical approaches that address the need to present physical data that is more useful and meaningful to the designer.

The study has used colour charts to measure colour to provide users with apriori understanding at a soft-preview level and printed colour circles to demonstrate the appearance of printed colour on different substrates. Test results relating to the appearance of print on different surfaces, and a series of case studies will be presented.

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