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The Practical application of an artist's colour model as an alternative to CMYK

Author/Co Author:
Parraman, C. Hoskins, S.
Name of conference: Color Imaging VIII: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications Conference
Place: Santa Clara, CA, USA
Date: 01.2003
Paper Presented by: Parraman, C
Published by: SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering

This paper presents an alternative view of colour, from the artist's perspective. It highlights problems that are current in inkjet and wideformat printing. And how other print processes, such as (silk)screenprint, can offer answers to developing inkjet technology; such as colour saturation, surface quality, translucency and opacity.

The paper introduces the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), gives a context to the work that is undertaken at the Centre, and examples the International Digital Miniature Print as dissemination of research. The paper provides a historical context to colour and colour printing, and introduces the notion that white and varying translucencies of white could offer an alternative or to enhance current CMYK+ colour sets.