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Professor Carinna Parraman

Professional Practice

Artefacts in Exhibitions

Flipbook exhibitionRegenerator: Altered Books Project exhibition

venue: Off-centre Gallery, Bristol
dates:25 April - 11 May 2007
artefact title: Calendar of ART 2006-7
URL Links: http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/regen1.htm


An online article from the New York Times in April 2006, about an altered books project inspired us to do something similar. Long Overdue: Book Renewal was a collaboration between Maine College of Art and the Portland Public Library. Books that had been retired from the library's collection were given to 200 artists who then turned them into works of art. These works of art were then re-entered into their library system and became available for check out to anyone in the country, thanks to the Inter Library Loan system.

This instigated something similar with the books that had been boxed up for withdrawal from our School's art library at Bower Ashton. 82 artists took part, selecting a book from the list and returning it after they had created a new piece of work with it. The books were sent out to artists in the United Kingdom, EIRE, Australia, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway and South Africa to work with and return by March for archiving and photographing before the exhibition and swap.

Flipbook exhibitionDrawing from Turner exhibition

venue: Tate Britain, London
dates:6 November 2006 - 20 May 2007
artefact title: After Turner from Grenoble Sketchbook [Finberg LXXIV], Looking Back to the Pic de l'Oeillette, Gorges du Guiers Mort, Grande Chartreuse 1802
URL Links: www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/drawingfromturner


Drawing From Turner was a collaborative project and exhibition jointly organised by Tate Britain and the University of the Arts London. The display includes the drawings of 30 contemporary artists displayed in conjunction with the original Turners from which they worked. Each artist working on the project chose a Turner drawing which interested them in some respect and was requested to analyse their chosen work through visual means in order to learn something from the great master. Whilst the results were varied in their approach and finished product, all the artists shared a common enjoyment and interest in the actual experience of the project.

The aim of this project was for the organisers to offer a receptive group of students and artists the opportunity to get to know and hopefully better understand the methods, inventions and creativity of a master draughtsman, Joseph Mallord William Turner. The goal was for them to simply draw from his drawings, not to make slavish copies or pointlessly extravagant interpretations.

This collaborative project and exhibition was jointly organised by Nicola Moorby, Collections Registrar - Prints and Drawings Tate Britain and Stephen Farthing, Rootstein Hopkins Research Professor in Drawing, the University of the Arts London, with assistance from Dr Maryanne Martin, Department of Experimental Psychology, the University of Oxford and Rebecca Man, Research Assistant, University of the Arts London.

Assimilation and contrast, Carinna ParramanFull Spectrum - Open exhibition

venue: Sherborne House, Dorset
Dates:22 July - 20 August 2006
artefact title: Assimilation and Contrast
medium:Inkjet and screenprint / 30 x 30cm
URL Links: www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/exhibition_archive_2004/full_spectrum


‘Assimilation & Contrast 1’ is informed by scientists and artists who were interested in methods for ordering colour, colour contrast and assimilation. Colour contrast relates to how a colour changes away from an inducing colour, and assimilation describes how colours are perceived differently depending on the colour that is superimposed.
Full Spectrum was the third exhibition developed for the Colour and Chemistry project at Sherborne House, Dorset.  The Colour & Chemistry project brought together artists, scientists, educationalists and historians in a programme of events, including exhibitions, artist bursaries, workshops and seminars, all exploring the theme of colour and its impact on our lives. This series of exhibitions are an exploration of perception through the work of artists who use colour to challenge and reveal the act of looking and understanding.
The final selection was made by Clare Cooper, Director of Art First, London, Bronwen Gwillim, Arts Consultant and artist, and 'Colour and Chemistry' curator Bryony Bond. Their choice represents a full spectrum of work demonstrating the range of current practice in the South West.

Circular Walk, Carinna ParramanArcadia id est

Dates: 2005-2007
venues: The Arcadia exhibition launched at TRACE Gallery Dorset, in March 2005 (with a talk by Dr Stephen Bury, British Library), and then toured to: UWE, Bristol; Centre for the Artist's Book, Australia; Moufflon Bookshop, Nicosia, Cyprus; Eagle Gallery, London; Hartley Library, University of Southampton; AKI, Enschede, The Netherlands, Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki, Finland The Yard Gallery at Wollaton Hall; the John M Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Ginkgo Reading Room at the John M. Olin Library, Washington University, USA; The Fleet Library at Rhode Island School of Design, USA Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin, Australia and The National Print Museum of Ireland.
Curated By: Sarah Bodman
artefact title:Circular Walk
medium: 12.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm, screenprint on circular scroll
url: http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/arcadia.htm


A leaf collected during a jungle trek in Malaysia. The title ‘circular walk’, is at it suggests, relates to a circular route taken through a very dense jungle in Malaysia. We had no idea where we were going other than trusting in our Guide, (who seemed to get lost on a few occasions, or was that for effect?) and that we were travelling on a vague circular course, in the hope that we would see our base camp in several days time. The fragile half decomposed image of this leaf, does not at all reflect my idea of a romantic wilderness such as a jungle, which in reality is hot, humid,  muddy; and instead of a ‘walk’ we often had to resort to wading through rivers, crawling on hands and knees and picking off leeches. The leaf was collected and transported home and then scanned and elongated, to create a leaf path. The length of the print,
about 50cm, is rolled, contained and protected in a cardboard tube, again referring to the circular path taken through the jungle.

The exhibition consisted of 119 books by artists with a publication with essays by Patrick Eyres and Sarah Bodman (ISBN 0 9543810 5 X). Many artists use landscape or nature as metaphorical carriers; the exhibition examined how these subjects are interpreted and utilised in a narrative format: through the use of image, text, structural and site–specific works in relation to the artist’s book. The books in the exhibition range from traditional landscape works to social, ecological and political works.

Bookmarks, Carinna ParramanBookmarks III - Infiltrating Kontakt

artefact: 'When we talk of Colour', series of bookmarks
venues:Amherst College Library, Amherst, USA; University of Missouri, Saint Louis, USA; Yale Center for British Art, USA; Broekhuis Boekhandel, Enschede, The Netherlands; Bower Ashton Library, UWE Bristol, UK; Martin County Library System, Gallery, Fairmont, Minnesota, USA; Moufflon Bookshop, Nicosia, Cyprus; Bookartbookshop, London, UK; Tate Britain, Millbank, London, UK; Impact Kontakt gallery venues in Berlin and Poznan
URL Links: http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/bkmks3/index.htm

Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System (Parts I and II, 2004-5) was a dual project to encourage people to appreciate artwork in the book format and to visit artist’s book venues and libraries. Two series of free, display-box, sets were installed in over 20 venues around the world; distributed to libraries, bookshops and galleries for the public to help themselves to the bookmarks. Over 50 contributing artists produced more than 5000 bookmarks over the 2004-5 period.

The Bookmarks for Part III, Infiltrating Kontakt were again, made in an edition of 100. This includes a set for each artist as thanks for their participation, a set for the UWE archives and the rest divided into distribution sets for each of the venues. Each of the Bookmarks was stamped with www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/bkmks3 which links to the Bookmarks website, with a gallery of images and contact details for each of the contributor’s Bookmarks. Part III has seen 38 artists produce 4,000 bookmarks; the largest amount in the project, and a very fitting end to the series.


Carinna says of her series of bookmarks 'When we talk of colour':
These bookmarks relate to the way we think, use and print colour. Whilst the term ‘colour’ is seemingly straightforward, its implications for different practitioners from, for example, fine art, design, psychology, colour science, art history, or linguistics, is vast and wide ranging. Ways of naming colour, can be as poetic as in the example of the commercial paint chart; as percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow and black; or as basic as a series of co-ordinates that pinpoints a colour in a three dimensional space. As 'artful scientists' we have become more adept at switching between and discussing colour as percentages, co-ordinates and colour terms.

(2005) ‘Artists’ Books from the CFPR Collection’, Broekhuis Boekhandel, Enschede, The Netherlands 1 August - 1 September 2005.

Curated Exhibitions

C. Parraman Wallpaper design

Portfolio of printed wallpaper using UV inkjet printing

venue: DESIRE'11, Eindhoven University, the Netherlands
Curated By: Dr Carinna Parraman
Date: 18-21 October 2011
project url: The Wallpaper Project


The objective of the Wallpaper Project, in collaboration with Roland DG (UK) Ltd and with support from European Research Development Funding (ERDF), was to develop a range of printed materials and surfaces that could be developed as print on paper, textiles and applied to walls, which could adapt to changes in the environment and be interactive with the user.

The Portfolio exhibited in Einhoven includes samples of the nine finished wallpaper designs - produced by artists and printed in the CFPR Wide Format studio, as well as viewing devices such as 3D glasses to view the innovative designs.

Flipbook exhibition

Flick-Flip-Flick Project exhibition

venue: Aardman Animations Aztec West, Bristol, 'Old Foyer Gallery', Bower Ashton, UWE, Bristol
Curated By: Dr Carinna Parraman
Date: 4-15 October 2010
project url: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/flickflipflick/


Flick-Flip-Flick is an innovative project, developed by the Department of Art and Design and the Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE, in partnership with local schools and colleges and Aardman.

To launch the project professional animators from Aardman have worked with the Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE to produce new flick books. These flick books demonstrate a range of innovative techniques including: hand drawn, painted, 3D modelling, stop motion, photography and CGI, the animators have worked with researchers from the Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE to explore new technologies such as laser cutting and UV digital presses. Each new work will be printed as both an A1 print and made into a book and will be exhibited at the Bower Ashton Campus 4 - 15 October 2010.

Tiny Touring print show image

Tiny Touring Print Show: The Impact of the Small

venue: IMPACT 6 Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference, School of Creative Arts, University of the West of England, Bristol
Curated By: Dr Carinna Parraman and Tortie Rye
Date: September 2009


The Impact of the Small: A portable show of very small prints by an invited group of artists. The exhibition followed a recognisable exhibition format but at an unusual scale and in a less conventional space.

C. Parraman, Colour and Landscape

Colour and Landscape A Photographic Exhibition

venue: F Block Gallery, Bower Ashton UWE, as part of CREATE event 'New Ways to Use Print Technology'
Curated By: Dr Carinna Parraman
Date: October 2008
online exhibition: http://www.create.uwe.ac.uk/octgal081.htm


This exhibition was designed to co-incide with the CREATE Training Courses taking place in Bristol and Ulster University consecutively, both relating to the theme 'New Ways to use Print Technology'. An open invitation was sent to artists and CREATE participants to submit photographic prints adhering to the theme 'Colour and Landscape'. The prints were exhibited alongside paintings, prints and textiles by artists from Bristol and Ulster. Carinna contributed 3 prints to the exhibition.

PLACE - International Portfolio Exchange

venues: Pratt USA, NYI Jordan, AKI The Netherlands, UCOL New Zealand and CFPR UWE
Curated By: Carinna Parraman
Date: October 2006
Catalogue ISBN:
URL Links:

International portfolio exchange between: Pratt USA, NYI Jordan, AKI The Netherlands, UCOL New Zealand and CFPR UWE, and exhibition - October 2006


venue: Royal West of England Academy
Curated By: Carinna Parraman
Date: April 2006

A collaborative bridge drawing project to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Brunel.

Boxing Clever 1 and 2 - Paper Engineering and Print

venues:Bristol School of Art Media and Design, Bower Ashton Campus, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, IMPACT 4, International Printmaking Conference, Muzeum Narodowe w Poznzuiu, Pozan, Poland
Curated By: Carinna Parraman
Dates: 2004-2005
Catalogue ISBN:
URL Links:

An international artists portfolio, exhibition and competition for schools that explores the potential of packaging as an art form sponsored by Hewlett Packard. Artists and students were asked to contemplate and respond to the relationship of print and paper engineering, so that when cut, folded and glued a new three-dimensional artform was created, resulting in an enormous range of ideas and designs. Artefacts included jeweled caskets by GCSE students from King Edmund Community School; deconstructed envelopes and wrapped boxes from Redland High School for Girls. Sidcot School used the format of a cube to explore faces or three dimensional objects, typographic designs from students at Braunschweig School of Art Germany and intricate paper cutting by MA students at Camberwell College of Arts.

Awards were given to the most distinctive and unusual ideas to 3 students from each school as well as one undergraduate student award. The prints of the winning students were also included in the portfolio.

Do Don't Can Can't

venue: IMPACT Printmaking Conference South Africa
Curated By: Carinna Parraman
Date: 2003


The exhibition, specially curated for Impact South Africa, was entitled DO-DON’T/ CAN-CAN’T and investigates the global issue of rights of access and freedom of movement. In most countries, individuals can move around the country with relative ease. However rights of access, freedom to roam, self-expression, are becoming imperceptibly but increasingly reduced. Fears about protection, security, possible damage to property and land are often given as a reason to erect barriers and cameras. Therefore where citizens can go, how movement is controlled and observed, boundaries or areas that are patrolled is becoming increasingly insidious in its implementation.

Movement Marey and Muybridge

venue: University of the West of England
Curated By: Carinna Parraman
project:Hewlett Packard Art for Schools project exhibition
Date: 2002-3


The objective for the 2nd Art and Science project was to investigate movement and how early photography was used to document and illustrate human locomotion. These ideas eventually led to a logical progression of the moving image or cinema - a 20th century synthesis of art and science.