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Professor Carinna Parraman
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Director, Centre for Fine Print Research
Professor in Design and Colour Print, UWE Bristol

My research in colour has evolved from multicolour screenprinting, photo-mechanical print processes to digital colour wideformat and colour management. My doctoral study incorporated many of these aspects and resulted in the development of bespoke inkjet colour palettes for artists and multi-layering of inks.

I have identified a gap in colour communication and theory across art and design and the scientific fields which has been largely due to a lack of common understanding of terms and practice between the arts and sciences.

My research has tended to be multi-disciplinary and requires an understanding of colour and print quality from the perspective of industry requirements and whilst also meeingt artists’ requirements. New insights have evolved through discussion, collaborative practice and application between researchers and experts from different scientific, technical, art and design backgrounds. This has also led to a greater and wider impact, as research is disseminated to different audiences.

My research interests include: colour management, colour appearance, colour printing for artists, 2.5D Vector Driven printing, colour fading and conservation, the relationship of ink on paper (for both fine art uncoated and coated papers), print history, colour theory and perception. I am interested in methods for organising colour, such as paint charts, colour circles and colour models.

I have been principal investigator on major research projects including 'CREATE' (2006-10) funded by a FP6 European grant (550K Euros) www.create.uwe.ac.uk; a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Renishaw Plc (2011-15) researching innovative rapid prototyping design for the creative industries, and I am an investigator on a FP7 European grant 'Colour Printing 7.0: Next Generation Multi-channel Printing' (2012-15) http://www.colorlab.no/cp70

I was awarded funding from UWE and the Southwest Regional Development Agency (2010-11) to develop a range of printed materials and surfaces that can be developed as textiles or applied to walls that will adapt to the changes in the environment, such as light, emotion and temperature in collaboration with Roland DG, and the project received a Roland Creatives award.

I received AHRC funding for the project 'Screen Printed Colour as a Theoretical Model for the Development of Inkjet Technology' (2004-05), which examined the relationship between traditional colour mixing (as used by British artists interested in 'colour field' painting during the 60s and 70s) and digital colour.

Drawing on access to the Tate Print collection, I investigated how screenprinted colourants and surface tactile qualities can be used as a model for inkjet technologies. My work in this area of colour resulted in a collaboration with Hewlett Packard Laboratories, San Diego, USA on new methods for inkjet printing for artists.

I was a member of the Hewlett Packard Art and Science Programme (2000-2003), which included the National Gallery; the Louvre and Alinari Photographic Archive, in a knowledge transfer project with schools and artists resulting in a series of international print exchanges that tested novel print methods for artists: the 'International Digital Miniature Print Portfolio' www.cfpr.uwe.ac.uk/minidata.htm 'Movement Marey and Muybridge' (2003), 'Boxing Clever' (2005) www.cfpr.uwe.ac.uk/boxing2
My book C. Parraman, 'Colour Coded', Edited book, Society of Dyers and Colourists, September 2011 . I also have a chapter in the book Colour Design, Theories and Applications, which traces the evolution of colour printing to new decorative print applications in the 21st century. I also have a chapter ‘Colour mixing in the twenty-first century: the craft of the digital’ in the book 'Colour in the Making: from Old Wisdom to New Brilliance', which is due to be published in the summer of 2013 by Black Dog Publishers. Finally I have a chapter (6) in an Art Science book entitled ‘Colour Art and Perception’, which was published in Autumn 2013.

Research Grants Awarded

2016 Extension to Bristol and Bath by Design funded by AHRC and the Design Council.
£112052, Principal Investigator

2014-17 2.5D and 3D image capture and print in the cultural heritage field: evaluation of current and developing technologies, applications and workflows, AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award with the National Gallery, £58227, Director of Studies

2014-16 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award: Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd, Academic Supervisor


2014-15 The development of novel inkjet inks, AHRC Follow-on grant with Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd, £99993, Principal Investigator

2012-16 Colour Printing 7.0: Next Generation Multi-Channel Printing, EU Marie Curie International Training Network £2094288,  Co- Investigator

2012-15 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award: Renishaw, Academic Supervisor

2012 Colour in our Culture and Physical World, AHRC European Proposal Support Fund £8808, Principal Investigator

2007-10 CREATE - Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment, EU Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses, £350,000 Lead scientist and co-ordinator

2004-05 Screen printed colour as a theoretical model for the development of inkjet technology, AHRC Research Grant £4989, Principal Investigator

2004 Investigation into alternative colour in wide format printing for Artists and Designers, Hewlett Packard Research Award

2003 Hewlett Packard Invent European Art and Science Philanthropy Funding

2001-02 An investigation, recording and presentation of photomechanical prints by process, AHRC Research Grant £4047, Principal Investigator

1999-2000 A feasibility survey of the 19th century Woodburytype print process and its potential relationship to 20th century rapid prototyping technology, AHRC Research Grant £4850, Principal Investigator

1999 A critical survey of British artists' books 1989-1999, AHRC Research Grant £4462, Principal Investigator

1999 The investigation and the production of an electronic resource to facilitate the dissemination of research in printmaking, AHRC Research Grant £3579, Principal Investigator

Membership of External Committees and Professional Bodies:

Secretary and member of the organising committee for the International Colour Society (AIC) congress at The Sage Gateshead, http://aic2013.org (July 2013)
Technical Committee member of IS&T/SPIE Measuring, Modelling, and Reproducing Material Appearance - Electronic Imaging Conference, USA (2014)
AHRC Peer Review College
Technical committee member of IS&T/SPIE Colour Imaging, processing, Hardcopy and Display - Electronic Imaging Conference, USA (2009 - present)
Editorial board and reviewer for online journal of the International Colour Society (AIC) (formerly Design & Creativity, Society of Dyers and Colourists, SDC) (2006 – present)
Member of the Festival of Ideas board, Bristol City Cultural Development Agency (2007- present)
Technical reviewer for JIST- Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (ongoing)
Committee member of the board of the Colour Group GB (2010 - present)
Technical reviewer for IMPACT (1999 -present)
Technical reviewer for CGIV - Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision
Technical programme committee for International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP) (2012 - present)
Scientific committee for Conferenza del Colore (ongoing)
Technical reviewer for Desire’11, 18-21 October, Eindhoven 2011.
Committee members of the Awards Panel for the Colour Group Committee (2009 - present)

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