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Ansel Adams and George Waters: Photographer and Printer

Author: Hammond, Anne
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge), History of Photography, v.32, n.1 (Spring 2008), pp 51-58
Date: 03.2008
ISsN: 0308-7298
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This peer-reviewed article deals with the impact in the 1960s of the new printing technology of offset photolithography upon Ansel Adams and the aesthetic effect of letterpress halftone with which he was accustomed. It shows how Adams and his printer George Waters formed a highly successful collaboration to creatively exploit the capabilities of the new medium in the printing of his books.

The research enhances intellectual capital through offering insights into the relationships between photographers and the means employed for the reproduction of their images, and gives scope for a wider understanding of the importance of the artist’s choice of reproductive process in the expression of his/her aesthetic.