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The distributed co-evolution of an on-board simulator and controller for swarm robot behaviours

co - Authors: Studley, M. ,Winfield, A. F. and o'Dowd P.
Name of conference: Evolutionary Intelligence, 7
Date: August 2014
pp. 95-106. ISSN 1864-5909
URL Links: springer.com/journal


Evolutionary Intelligence is the place to discover advances in the field of evolutionary intelligence. The journal is devoted to the timely publication and dissemination of both the theoretical and practical aspects of population-based searches for artificial intelligence.

Among the techniques covered are rule-based systems, artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, Bayesian and statistical approaches, artificial immune systems, and hybrid systems combining evolutionary computation with other artificial intelligence techniques.

A partial list of topics includes memory, vision, planning, knowledge representation and construction, robotics, neuroscience, language, development and learning, and cognitive science. Readers will also find papers describing applications in such areas as data mining, adaptive control, medical and bioinformatics, games and multi-media, agent-based computing and modeling, complex systems, and chemical and biological systems.