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Haptic Reassurance in the Pitch Black for an Immersive Theatre Experience

Authors: Van der Linden, J., Rogers, Y., Oshodi, M., Spiers, A., McGoran, D., Cronin, R. and O'Dowd, P.
Name of conference: Ubicomp 2011
Place: Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Date: 17th-21st September, 2011
URL Links: www.ubicomp.org/ubicomp2011/papersnotes.htm...


A conference paper given at Ubicomp 2011 at Session 4 - Near and Far. Ubicomp is an interdisciplinary field that includes technologies that bridge the digital and physical worlds, systems and applications that incorporate such technologies, infrastructures that support them, human activities and experiences these technologies facilitate, and conceptual overviews that help us understand – or challenge our understanding of – the impact of these technologies.

This conference advances the state of the art in the design, development, deployment, evaluation and understanding of ubiquitous computing systems and their applications. An audience of 424 people attended, 304 papers were submitted of which 16% were accepted. This paper was awarded the prize for best paper.