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  Sharon Bishop wallpaper design

Sharon Bishop

title of wallpaper: Untitled
Description: My imagery revolves around the natural world in the urban landscape with an emphasis on drawing.
keywords: environment, landscape, industrial, interaction, drawing, metallic.

My objective was to create a wallpaper design that contained imagery related to the issues on environmental damage due to constant property development and the loss of habitat to wildlife. My imagery revolves around the natural world in the urban landscape with an emphasis on drawing. As my drawings were in black and white in order to highlight the drabness of an ever increasing industrial cityscape I wanted to experiment with colour which was previously absent from my work. I also wanted to produce wallpaper that can include interaction. Building on this I have printed a set of stickers that can be placed in various positions across the wallpaper allowing for an individual interpretation of how a modern day city can be improved on. There are also options to hand draw on the wallpaper to create a unique piece of art.

The hand drawn elements were scanned and then composed in Photoshop. Blank spaces were important, for example on buildings and the front of the placard, so that stickers could be applied to create a greener environment. The stickers were arranged in InDesign and a cut-path applied. The pigs have an extra metallic layer, resulting in a golden pig and a pink metallic pig. There are a range of swatch options that when printed using the VersaCamm, a metallic layer is printed first and then colours on top. The metallic result is quite subtle and we will probably need to experiment more with the capabilities of this printer. I chose a heavy-weight Fabriano paper for the black and white drawings, which was printed on the Versa UV LEC. Although this is designed as a graphics printer, it brought out the quality of tone and line in my drawing, and I was pleased with the result.

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