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  Wallpaper design, Sophie Adams-Foster

Sophie Adams-Foster

title of wallpaper: Structural interventions
description:A printed, cut and folded panel is placed in front of another. The semi-translucency of the material allows for sub-printed layers to appear.
keywords: Architecture, constructivism, form, line, material.

My work explores the forms found when moving into and around architectural structures, as represented by folds, cuts, lines and print. The inspiration for this piece was the Berlin modernist architecture, in particular The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Alexanderplatz, and relates to mys interest in Constructivism, architectural forms, print and photography.


Using the material characteristics of Folex (also known as Mark-Resist, both are a grained polypropylene plastic that is used as a photopositive in screenprinting) such as its semi-opaque quality, ability to hold folds and interesting aesthetic value with gloss was key in the development of this idea. By creating moveable wall panels with the potential to layer, the objective was to enable the user to create their own three-dimensional wall arrangements that could also be used to hide unsightly features such as pipes or cables.

Having developed previous works using laser-cutting technologies, I was especially interested in the opportunity to cut and print simultaneously without the need for calibration. Drawing on existing Illustrator skills to create complex designs was very important, but the knowledge and understanding of the software used in conjunction with this particular printer was a challenge. When starting to create the design it would have been advantageous to know how to prioritise cut or print lines, which may have altered the methodology. Through trial and error I began to understand the relationship of the design process and how it related to the printer software and the subsequent shortfalls of the printer. As with any new learning process, given time and practice, techniques such as these will become an intuitive knowledge and ultimately alter the final outcome of my work. Moreover, during the developmental stages, extensive testing was made into determining the relationship of the thickness and flexibility of the material, to ensure there was sufficient rigidity of the panels after it had been cut and folded.

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