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  Katie Wallis wallpaper design

Katie Wallis

title of wallpaper: Spiral Graph
Description: My work is concerned with creating repeats for interiors. I am interested in designing patterns that have a sense of modern authenticity.
keywords: kaleidoscopic optical illusions, repeats, rhythms, metamorphosis.

I find inspiration in referencing historical interior decoration styles, applying contemporary themes and using motifs that have meaning for me. This project encouraged me to pursue my interest in the way a Kaleidoscope tessellates a digital image. I wanted to build up a more complicated repeat using this image with the intention of making it look like something else – so a metamorphosis of sorts would occur.

What excited me most about this project was the given ability to use unusual substrates with a digital printer. I used imagery I had taken of a Forsythia plant with my camera through a kaleidoscope. I then manipulated it in Photoshop and tiled it in Illustrator.

My tile pattern pays reference to flock wallpaper - the kind one might find in an old Victorian style pub or hotel. Printing on mirror card gives the design a modern feel and also the ability to reflect the colours around and in front of it, giving it more depth. I can see this wallpaper being used on a feature wall in a gastro pub or boutique hotel.

I also printed the design on a glittery, plastic backed substrate, which surprisingly achieved a more subtle effect, with the glitter occasionally catching the light when seen from different angles. I could imagine this product being used as a roller blind.

I would like to experiment further using the Roland Printers gloss capabilities-as a way of embellishing other designs.

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