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  G. Wright, wallpaper design

Gemma Wright

title of wallpaper:Reichstag Repeat
keywords: Experience, interaction, self-assembly, layering, installation.

The primary concepts behind my wallpaper design are experience, interaction and self-assembly. The viewer would be given the opportunity to add their own design input onto the finished wall through adjustments and rearranging the placement of decals and layering of different printed sections.

There were three components to the wallpaper design: a series of large vinyl decals, a translucent paper printed in a subtle white, and the main wallpaper design which was printed in grey with a gloss overlay. The decals could be applied directly to the wall, with the paper sections overlaid. This design would also transfer well into blinds and screens with transmissive light enhancing the gloss printed elements.

As a silkscreen printer and constructivist, I work largely with three-dimensional printed-paper forms, encouraging interaction between the viewer and the object through touch and movement. My imagery for this project was derived from patterns within architecture; this design depicted the Reichstag Dome in Berlin as a repeat. The objective was to work with the range of capabilities of the Roland printers and integrate them into my practice alongside more traditional printing methods and techniques. I was particularly interested in the gloss printing and cut contour layers, which came about through testing a range of different papers. The addition of the gloss to the lightweight paper (40gsm) rendered the gloss printed areas as semi-translucent. As the strips of paper were held up to the light there was an interesting interplay between opacity and translucency. The final result came about through chance layering and the over-layering of different opacities of paper.


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