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Artist Profiles

The remit for the artists was to create a wallpaper design that firstly reflected their own practice but also would test a range of materials and printing techniques. It was not necessary to design a traditional wallpaper composition ie. a repeat pattern, but it could involve more innovative approaches to surface design, pattern and materials. The finished wallpaper might include a range of materials or combine hand-drawn elements with photographic, vector, cut lines and embossed surfaces.

Sophie Adams-Foster, artist profile

Sophie Adams-Foster

title of wallpaper: structural interventions

Sophie’s work explores the forms found when moving into and around architectural structures, as represented by folds, cuts, lines and print.

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S. Barnes, wallpaper design

Sarah Barnes

title of wallpaper: triangular

In her design, Sarah Barnes explored the theme of architecture and the urban environment.

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S. Bishop, wallpaper design

Sharon Bishop

title of wallpaper: untitled

Sharon Bishop's imagery revolves around the natural world in the urban landscape with an emphasis on drawing.

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V. Lewis, wallpaper design

Verity Lewis

title of wallpaper: 'text'ured

Verity Lewis's wallpaper utilises the ability to build up layers of both white ink and clear matt varnish to create texture.

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Carinna Parraman, Artist profile

Carinna Parraman

title of wallpaper: spiral graph

With references to Spiro-graph games of the 1960s, Carinna Parraman has been exploring the relationship of print, transmissive and emitting illumination.

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L. Salaman, wallpaper design

Luke Salaman

title of wallpaper: stress patterns

Luke Salaman's recent work has centred on creating imagery that investigates our conflicted relationship with oil: direct imagery of refineries, tankers and plastics

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J. Ward, wallpaper design

Jonathan Ward

title of wallpaper: lawn

Composite images from multiple digital photographs capturing the seasonal progression of a lawn over the period of a year.

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Katie Wallis wallpaper design

Katie Wallis

title of wallpaper: gastro pub wallpaper

Katie Wallis' work is concerned with creating repeats for interiors. She is interested in designing patterns that have a sense of modern authenticity.

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G. Wright, wallpaper design

Gemma Wright

title of wallpaper: Reichstag Repeat

The primary concepts behind Gemma Wright's wallpaper designs are experience, interaction and self-assembly.

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