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Wide Format Printing Research

Facility Contact:Paul Laidler
e-mail Address: Paul.Laidler@uwe.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)117 328 4988

The Centre’s wide format digital print facility has been developed as an extension of the traditional printmaking studio for artists. In keeping with previous definitions of the traditional print studio, such as working outside of industrial print parameters and instigating diverse collaborative print projects, the digital print facility strives for mechanically defined benchmarks with todays digital print technologies.

The digital print studio has progressed over the past ten years alongside a succession of different industrial and fine art print research projects. The CFPR's dual research perspective has created a digital print facility that is adaptable to the testing of industrial print technologies and the varying needs of the artist.

One example of the centre’s sympathetic approach toward assisting the artists’ creative potential with the production process has been to provide a studio that can integrate a variety of print applications. This integration of the centre’s technical resources has previously allowed artists to combine print process such as laser cutting, screen printing and enameling with the inkjet medium.

By adopting previous traditional studio practices within an essentially digital environment, the centre looks to offer artists a broad view of how digital technologies can be utilized across previous and developing printmaking fields.


As a self-contained print studio the digital facility offers the complete image generation process, from image capture and image rendering to the final printed output. Each of the generation stages at the CFPR incorporate some of the digital industries' most exclusive technologies, insuring both high quality in image generation while maintaining archival standards of the printed artifact.

Artist residency programme:

We can provide 1 to 1 Wideformat printing expertise for artists, this is typically charged at £1000 per week for use of the studio with 1 full day of technical assistance included. The Artist also pays for any materials such as wide format paper and specialist Inks on top of this fee. Please send applications with a project proposal, portfolio and CD of images or call us to discuss your individual requirements. 


Wide Format Print Research

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