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Wide Format Print Facilities

Facility Contact:Paul Laidler
e-mail Address: Paul.Laidler@uwe.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)117 328 4988

The Centre’s wide format digital print facility has been developed as an extension of the traditional printmaking studio for artists. By maintining previous definitions of the traditional print studio such as working outside of industrial print parameters and instigating diverse collaborative print projects the digital print studio adheres to its past while embracing future technologies.

The centre’s sympathetic approach toward facilitating the artists’ creative potential has meant the studio is adaptable to mixed media and hybrid print possibilities. The integration of the centre’s resources has allowed artists to combine print process such as laser cutting, screen printing and enameling with the inkjet medium. By adopting traditional print practices within an essentially digital environment the centre looks to offer artists a broad view of how digital technologies can be utilized across previous and developing printmaking fields.


Image Capture

High resolution Digital Photography; Research around this subject is undertaken as a part of a number of the centres research projects and directions. The facility has a range of digital cameras including a high quality Bettalight digital 5x4”scan back camera - employed as a component of high end capture for the AHRC wide format print project. This equipment is also used for various artist collaborative works and is also crucial to research into digital colour.

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Image Manipulation

The centre has extensive experience toward the realization of digital information as physical objects. A large portion of digital imaging methods and virtual manipulation techniques are considered in relation to the printed artifact, focusing upon the variables that exist between virtual and physical worlds.

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Image Rendering

The digital print facilities at the CFPR include a series of different printer systems and printer manufacturers. With recent advancements in inkjet technology the centre believes that the digital fine art print arena has become a much more level playing field than once thought. The CFPR has invested its interest in gaining a holistic appraisal of the markets high-end digital print hardware; these include HP, Cannon, Roland and Epson. By comparing printer manufacturers the centre has acquired both pragmatic and aesthetic knowledge of these devices, offering the artist an array of sensibilities by utilising the different technologies.

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