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  The British Channel Seen from the Dorsetshire Cliffs (detail) 1871

Artist Richard Hamilton

Shock & Awe

Collaborators: Richard Hamilton, Rod Hamilton, Prof Steve Hoskins &Paul Laidler
Date: 8th May 2009


As part of the CFPR's commitment and interest toward the production of fine art prints the wide format digital print facility has begun selecting artists to produce a small edition of prints. The invitation process selects artist work that may benefit from the opportunity of accessing the CFPR's wide format ink-jet printing facilities and contribute to the centre's eclectic print archive.


Project details:
The CFPR digital print studio has been working collaborativley with Richard Hamilton for some years now on a range of different inkjet printed projects. The most recent collaborative work is Hamilton's Shock and Awe ink-jet on canvas print. In conjunction with HP and the Hamilton project the CFPR has instigated a specially manufactured ink-jet coated linen canvas for the output of the digital file. The printing of the canvas also brought up further considerations for coating the ink-jet surface and subsequently lead to further international collaboration with the Rijks Akademie in Amsterdam Holland and their coatings department.
By using the collaborative print studio method as part of a practice lead project the artists aspirations for an ink-jet print have instigated the development of a new ink-jet substrate and an alternative to current canvas coating options within the fine art printing market. The project also demonstrates the identification and utilisation of external print production collaborators within the holistic practice of the fine art digital print studio.

Edition Information

Medium: Pigmented Inkjet Print
Substrate: HP Linen Canvas
Substrate dimensions: Width 105.5 cm x 205.5 cm
Image dimensions: Width 105.5 cm x 205.5 cm
Edition size: 3