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Traditional Print Research

Facility Contact: Professor Stephen Hoskins
E-mail address: Stephen.hoskins@uwe.ac.uk
Tel: 0117 3285864
Room: OC1

The research team at the Centre for Fine Print Research have undertaken several large scale research projects into 19th Century photo-mechanical printing processes including:

Beyond Blue Symposium at the Victoria and Albert Museum, January 2014

Combining digital print technologies with 18th Century underglaze ceramic printing to retain an industrial heritage process in collaboration with Burleigh pottery

Reappraising the creative potential of underglaze ceramic transfer printing in the light of new technology

Peter Moseley Phd Case Study: Photographic portraiture and the meaning and crafting of ‘style’

A digital archive of the nineteenth century Woodburytype and its working practice
What constitutes a reproduction in the 20th century, through the 19th century collotype process?

Traditional stone lithography as a medium for printing photographic and digitally mediated imagery
A practical re-appraisal of continuous tone photo-relief printing
An investigation, recording and presentation of photomechanical prints by process
Outputs from these research projects include databases, touring exhibitions, articles, conference papers, monographs,  case studies on contemporary commercial studios and survey’s of other research in the field. 

We have extensively published detailed descriptions of photomechanical printing methods and photographically illustrated descriptions of how the processes can be adapted for use in the digital age.
We have a well equipped studio dedicated to the research and development of high quality photomechanical printing methods for the fine arts.

One of the studio’s specialities is the integration of digital imaging techniques with 19th Century printing processes to develop new hybrid approaches to artists print production. The studio is ideally set up for photogravure and collotype with the adjoining digital studio offering adequate workspace and facilities for related digital imaging work.

Since 2004 the CFPR has been the only UK HEI member of the Association of European Printing MuseumsThe Association of European Printing Museums is working in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and UK to help preserve historical trade skills in metal typesetting and letterpress printing.

Traditional Print Research

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