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Collotype CPD

Continuing Professional Development

Date:27th to the 31st July 2010
Venue: CFPR, UWE Bristol
Instructor Dr Paul Thirkell

(One Week Masterclass)

Collotype is one of the oldest of the photomechanical techniques but nevertheless one of the finest with regard to tone and image quality (even by today’s standards). Like photogravure it is able to print photographic quality continuous tone in ink, however, where photogravure is an intaglio process, collotype is planographic medium, using a similar principles to those of lithography for the creation of prints.

This four-day masterclass will provide hands-on instruction in all aspects of each version of collotype printing including the creation of suitable negatives for the process and the traditional gelatine coated glass plate technique as well as the more readily accessible gelatine coated film method that became popular in the US in the 1980’s.

Delegates will have the option of using photographic films, digital positives or hand drawn methods to create their images.

The course will cover: An introduction to the collotype aesthetic and an overview of its practice including Health and Safety precautions for each phase of the process.
The preparation of glass plates for collotype printing
Mixing and coating of gelatine emulsions on the plate
Plate curing
The production of suitable negatives
Plate exposure
Plate development
Inking the image and printing
The preparation of film plate collotype
Printing from film plate collotype
Printing duotones

During the masterclass you will be given time to work through each step of the process to produce samples of the techniques covered. Full technical support will be given throughout the course. Participants will be sent a preliminary materials list and a guide to the options available for producing artwork for the process.
The course is open to all however some experience with lithographic printing would be an asset.


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